Custom Work CRKAI and Kiwami Setup 4x100 17x7 +32 17x7 +47 for Mazda Honda Toyota Fitment

This is a unique set of two pairs of high quality JDM wheels! These work CRkai and Kiwami wheels would be a great choice for a drift setup on a classic JDM vehicle. They will fit Toyotas (Celica Corolla etc) and Mazdas (MX5 RX7 Etc.) They are a two-tone gunmetal and bronze combo. The gunmetal CRkai wheels are 17x7 +32, the bronze Kiwami wheels are 17x7 +47. This is a unique setup sure to turn heads! Please see all item photos for complete cosmetic condition.

ON SALE NOW $ 1,095$ 1,250

JDM SSR RS8 Wantanabe 3 Piece Staggered Wheels 17x8/9 5x114.3 PCD OG JDM Wheels

Up for sale is a seriously cool and seriously hard to find spec of the iconic SSR RS8 Wantanabe wheel. They are finished in a lovely black finish with polished lips and are set up as a staggered setup with the wheels set up in a 17x8 and 17x9 combination. They have a 5x114.3 bolt pattern, making them an ideal fit on Nissan 240sx's, Silvias, R31 Skylines, Nissan Laurels, and of course the legendary Toyota AE86 Corolla or Supra. This is a classic wheel that would look good on any classic JDM car and it's a unique fitment you won't find anywhere else!


A Clean Set of four JDM Volk Racing CE28N 10-Spoke 18x8 Wheels with PCD of 5x100 with Offset of +44

Here is a clean set of VR CE28 18 inch wheels. These wheels clear Brembo calipers. They are an awesome fitment for Subaru Impreza. The wheels are in excellent condition with very little use. These CE28 are free of any bends and curb rash. Please see all the pictures. The tires come with the wheels, and are subject to inspection before use.


Rare ProDrive GC-05A Forged 5 Spoke GunMetal Wheels 5x114.3 Staggered 17x8 +42 & 17x9 +45

Here for sale is a super clean and RARE set of ProDrive GC-05A Forged 5 Spoke GunMetal Wheels 5x114.3 Staggered. Manufactured by RAYS ENGINEERING. 17x8 +42 17x9 +45

ON SALE NOW $ 1,495$ 1,995

JDM Enkei FS01 Concept Racing Wheels for Subaru STi, Honda, Nissan, Toyota 5x114.3 Applications 18x8 +48

Here for sale is a clean set of JDM Enkei FS01 Concept Racing Wheels for Subaru STi, Honda, Nissan, Toyota 5x114.3 Applications 18x8 +48.

ON SALE NOW $ 1,295$ 1,595

RARE JDM Zelda Tri Force Vesta Staggered Three Spoke Wheel Set. 17x8 17x9 with +35 offset

Here for sale is a rare set of three spoke wheels with a staggered size fitment for RWD applications. These look great on R32's, MR2s, RX-7s !!!!


JDM X Cross Sport 6Light produced by Passage Sport

Here is a set of 6Light x cross sport wheels produced by Passage Sport. These are cross drilled 5 lug.

ON SALE NOW $ 795$ 995

JDM Enkei RP03 Racing Wheels 17x8 5x114.3

Here is a clean set of Enkei RP03 5 Spoke racing wheels. They are 5x114.3 and are 17x8 +48.

ON SALE NOW $ 795$ 1,295


Used Advan SA3R Black/Red Wheels Staggered 5x114.3 17x8 17x9 for FD AP1 AP2 S13 S14 Supra SW20- Iconic JDM Wheels!



Used set of ADVAN RCII Bronz Wheels 17x8.5 +45 with 5x100 PCD For Sale



Used Set of four 17x8 5x100 Gold Oz Racing Superturismo Evo Wheels with Offset of +43 Clearing Brembo Calipers



Padinag JDM Wheels Gloss Black with Polished Lip Subaru Toyota Nissan Honda 18x7.5 +48 5x114.3



Advan Racing RG2 Wheels